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Havana Brown Out-Crossing Program

Due to an alarming decrease in the gene pool diversity of the Havana Brown, the members of the Havana Brown Breed Council, with the blessing of the Board of Directors, approved an out-crossing program for the breed in 1998.

The following is the official CFA Out-Crossing Program rules for the Havana Brown as of 8/28/06.

A Havana Brown cat may be mated with an unregistered domestic shorthair cat (black or blue only), hereafter referred to as F0 or certain colors of Oriental (shorthair only, any color except pointed, cinnamon, or fawn) or Siamese (chocolate point or seal point only). The resulting kittens are known as the F1 generation. The mating of an F1 kitten to a Havana Brown produces a litter that is considered to be Havana Brown, provided the individual kittens meet the color standard for Havana Brown.


0414-0415 (F0) - For black or blue domestic shorthair or foundation cat (unknown or unregistered background - Breed Code 90

0416-0417 (F1) - For brown kittens (only) from the breeding of a domestic (F0), a registered OSH, or a registered Siamese to a registered standard Havana Brown (0408-0409)

0408-0409 (F2) - For brown kittens (only) from the breeding of a standard Havana Brown to an F1 or kittens from a Havana Brown to Havana Brown breeding


One parent must be a standard Havana Brown (0408-0409)

0408 (Havana Brown) to 0414 (F0) - Breed Code 91
0408 (Havana Brown) to 0416 (F1) - Breed Code 12
0408 (Havana Brown) to 0409 (Havana Brown) - Breed Code 12


No breedings allowed if at least one parent is not Havana Brown

0414 (F0) to 0415 (F0)
0414-0415 (F0) to Oriental or Siamese
0416 (F1) to 0417 (F1)
0414-0415 (F0) to 0416-0417 (F1)

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